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"There is a great range  of classes for all abilities on the website. Donna is supportive, enthusiastic and friendly. It is much easier to cope with life after one of Donna's classes!"

Armida, 59 from Orkney Scotland

"These classes are just what I need after a day of working. They lift your mood whilst gaining fitness. Great classes with great teachers."

Michelle, from Tadley, Hampshire

"I joined get fit from home because I was struggling to keep motivated during lockdown and I needed a switch up I wanted to try out new workouts that I haven’t done before to find something that I enjoy and suits what I enjoy doing. I have definitely found that with get fit from home! The different selection of classes and workouts that are offered both live and recorded are amazing there’s a real variety and there’s definitely something for everyone! You can really feel the passion and love both Gemma and Donna have for fitness through their sessions and it really helps push and motivate you to be your best. I look forward to logging on in the evenings and getting to workout live with everyone it really feels like we are all together."

Hannah, 28 from Reading, Berkshire

" I had been attending regular classes when lockdown hit last year; panic set in as I didn’t want to gain the weight I’d lost or lose my fitness then Donna & Gemma came to the rescue! What can I say about these two ladies they are amazing, motivating, full of energy, fun and professional. I love their classes! I love the variety of classes, the mix of lives & recordings are great when your a busy mum of 4 who works full time. I can exercise around my home & work life (been known to bootybands in my lunch break) Honestly these ladies have helped me so much i am now 6 stone lighter & so much healthier thanks to them. Donna & Gemma offer an amazing package that’s affordable, fun, with a great variety of options and you get to be part of a fun community of people who will also inspire, motivate & sweat with you."

Lesley-Anne, 38 from Orkney, Scotland

" I love Gemma’s classes and all the variety. I joined Getfitfromhome during lockdown when I could no longer attend the face to face classes and I’m so glad that I tried the online classes. For me exercise is essential for keeping fit and my mental health. It’s brilliant having live and on demand classes . Personally I need live classes to keep up my motivation and it’s more fun with the all the encouragement you get. Gemma has so much energy and always gives her all! I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and very grateful that I can continue the classes and for all the modifications I’m given."

Davina, 38 from Reading, Berkshire

"I am several years into my fitness journey and have come to rely on using exercise as my main way to destress. The reason I love these ladies is simple - they're real, fun, motivated, professional and inspirational. I absolutely love the variety of live workouts and the times suits my busy schedule. However, the recorded classes available online are a massive help if I can't make a class or simply want to mix things up a bit. At 45 I really want to keep moving and stay strong & healthy and what better way to do it than with banging workouts/music and it doesn't ever get boring! I love the fact they offer high impact variations in all of their sessions (because I'm 'keen') I have improved my cardio fitness as well as strength using a combination of live and recorded workouts and can use simple equipment to build strength."

Sarah, 45 from Reading, Berkshire

"I'm a 40 year old mum of two. I was exercising from home in the first lockdown and then lost all motivation as the weather got darker and colder and needed a change (and a boost for my mental health). A free trial and huge encouragement from one of the hosts (which was much needed) and I am now hooked. Exercise is hard to start with but if you stick with it, it becomes a habit, your mood lifts and you become so full of energy it then becomes a healthy obsession. The range of classes, both live and on demand get fit from home offers means there is something for everyone whether you have 15 mins or 1 hour and the ladies that attend the live classes are extra motivation, we have a few laughs. I love the group, love the classes and just love moving. I'm so much happier, my children are happier and the added bonus, my new body! "

Simone, 40  from Reading, Berkshire

" This is such a welcoming and supportive group with great instructors who keep you motivated and make you smile. I particularly enjoy the live classes - there is a great selection and each class includes various levels to accommodate your current energy level. I would not have imagined myself doing burpees a year ago but would now go as far as saying I look forward to the challenge thanks to Gemma's motivation and being able to build up to this by building up my fitness through all the classes available."

Kim, 34 from Reading, Berkshire

" When restriction's came in, I really missed donna's classes. Then Donna came to the rescue with online Live classes. There are lots of different exercise classes for all levels of fitness and age. my favourites are Zumba and  Floorbarre. Now there are on demand by video which are great if the live times don't suit you. i stream on demand on to my TV so it's like Donna's in the room with me."

Sally, 63 from Orkney

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