Donna and Gemma are two regular 30 something year old's with a passion for Fitness and Fun! 

Rewind to March 2020, Donna was a full time Fitness Instructor living in Orkney, Scotland and Gemma was a Fitness Instructor in Reading, England. 

Then the whole world turned upside for everyone, and Covid-19 hit so both Donna and Gemma took their classes online.


Then in May 2020, Donna organised a fundraiser for her local Mental Health Charity and put out a call to Instructors in the UK to join her. Gemma saw this request and jumped at the chance to help out. After this successful event, and proving how popular Gemma's classes were with Donna's Fitness Community, Donna and Gemma teamed up to deliver more variety to more people and this is where Get Fit From Home was born!

So what sort of classes do we have?? SO MUCH! Our Fitness Library now has over 100 workouts!

Here are A FEW classes we currently have on offer:


Power Bands

Upper Body

Kettle Bells


GroovX Latin

GroovX Flow

GroovX Dance


GroovX Box

lover of all things dance

"You can do anything you put your heart, mind and soul into. Far more than you can imagine. Be fearless. Do it" 


lover of all things HIIT

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"




What's your favourite food?

It has to be a classic Roast Dinner with all the trimmings! None of this Aunt Bessie's stuff. I'm talking homemade. Yum yum!


Sleep in or up early?

Urrrrr, what's a sleep in?? I wish! 

With a 7 year old means I have forgotten what a sleep in feels like.... then there's there's the dog who wakes up like clockwork at 6:45 EVERY DAY for a pee!


Favourite Fitness wear?

Tikiboo all the way. The colours and patterns are beautiful and fun. Be warned.... fitness wear is ADDICTIVE!


Favourite Movie?

Anything Disney to be honest! And anything with Robin Williams. His my childhood film fav. 



Favourite meal?

Burger and Chips! YES, I know. I am a Fitness Instructor who loves normal yummy food too!


Favourite colour?

Purple! Donna and I both have pink and purple in our hair!


Wine or Gin?



Sleep in or up early?

Always an early bird. Having two Alaskan Malamutes, they need lots of walkies. We are so blessed with where we live having the highlands and Cairgorns on our door step. Spoilt with choices for walking routes!