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How to Prepare for At-Home Workouts


Know your goal

Number one on the to-do list: Determine what you want to get out of your at-home workouts. Are you looking to quit the gym entirely and stick to at-home only methods? Or do you want to complement your gym or studio sessions with some at-home routines for convenience? This will factor into the style and length of the workouts you choose to do, when you do them, and the equipment you'll need.

How much space do I need?


Pick a spot that has room for at least a yoga mat—this should be a large enough area for you to stretch and do core exercises—and try storing your equipment under the bed or in the cupboard to free up space when you aren't working out. You can also change up your scenery depending on your workout of choice: HIIT workouts may need a little more space and a solid surface, whereas Floorbarre and Stretch can be done almost anywhere, even on the living room rug. And if the weather is nice, do it outside!

Establish a schedule

Now that you don't have to arrive at the cycling studio at 6 p.m. sharp, you might find yourself putting off your at-home workouts for a happy hour date with Netflix. Pretty soon, you might end up skipping your at-home workouts altogether. There is a simple solution, though: Create a consistent schedule, just like you would do if you signed up for a studio class or were going to the gym.

Applying the same logic to your at-home workouts by scheduling your exercise will help you better stick to your routine. "That way, when someone asks if you can meet at 5, you can honestly say, 'Sorry, I have an appointment; how about 4 instead?'" 

Do I need any Equipment?

This depends on what workouts you choose to do. Some classes such as Dance Fitness and HIIT require no equipment. Others require some equipment, but before you go splashing the cash, plan out which classes you would like to try (remember SCHEDULE!) and see what you may need. Or instead of Dumbbells why not use tins of beans? Then if you decide that you want to invest in some at home equipment, shop away! 


Below are a few ideas of what you may need and links of where to purchase them.

Pilates mat
Resistance bands